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20/8/2010 : Introducing new Enermax power supplies!
12/7/2010 : The new Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard now in stock!
30/4/2010 : New Enermax power supplies have arrived!
13/1/2010 : We have reopened for the new year
23/12/2009 : Annual closure
02/10/2009 : Free USB Fan with Enermax Keyboard!
25/9/2009 : Enermax Power Supplies back in stock!
10/7/2009 : Enermax Power Supplies back in stock!
01/5/2009 : New Enermax products now in stock!
12/12/2008 : Atomic PSU Roundup

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How To Attract More Visitors To Your Instagram?

Long gone are the days when Instagram was just an app for sharing and liking pictures. Now Instagram has turned into a means of publishing and promoting your content. It is extremely important to make sure that your Instagram profile attracts more visitors so, here are some tips and tricks that you can employ for this.

  • Highlighting user generated content

It is important to make the people feel important and at the center of your business. When you showcase your users in your stream, it can have a greatly positive effect on your users and they will tell their friends about it, and with it, about it.

  • Keep a strong online brand

No matter what platform you use, it is important to have a strong and intact online image that your customers can depend on. Your logo, voices, ideas and even emotions should be the same, no matter where your fan finds you. Make sure that you are easy to catch online by making your business logo, the Instagram profile picture, and the company’s full name as the username. Using a services like can help you build on your online image by selecting appropriate marketing partners for your companies brand. Your content should also be relevant and in agreement with your ideas and concepts. You can also watermark your content and better integrate your name on it.

  • Use hashtags for listening and reach

Hashtags are an important part of social media today and Instagram is no different. The hashtag allows you to promote your brand or product, keep track of any mentions and connect with the people of a particular group or community. You can bring a brand-specific hashtag, like the ones from your Twitter and ask your followers to use it every time they upload a picture relevant to your product. You can also use the popular existing hashtags to get even more people attracted to your business.

  • Show your skills

The best thing about Instagram is that it allows you to share your products and services with your audiences in the form of pictures and videos. Use these photos and videos to show your audience how good and effective you are in what you do. You can simply turn yourself into a brand by just highlighting your talents.

  • Combine your different online channels

It is important to bring all your social media channels under one roof in order to manage them effectively and efficiently. You can easily use your primary social media account to encourage more people to follow you on your Instagram and vice versa by cross-linking your accounts.

The use of Linkedin Marketing Strategy can also aid in the growth of your Instagram account, as you can still drive relevant website traffic to your Instagram profile account. Instagram has a lot of potential when it comes to online marketing and publicity. It allows your company or business to have the necessary exposure and helps you build your brand’s visibility. How you show your company to the audience is what makes the difference. Therefore it is important to make the most out of your Instagram for the maximum results.


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